Freeze Drying / Lyophilization

A process that uses several mechanical systems to extract moisture from a substance while that substance is frozen (sublimation). These systems include a special refrigeration system, vacuum system, and heat exchange circuit. There are three main categories of lyophilizers (Freeze Dryers): Flask or bottle dryers, R & D shelf dryers/pilot production, and full production freeze dryers.  To find out more, please call us at 855-622-7223, or submit your inquiry here.

Our Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

Millrock Quanta

Category: Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

Condenser Temperature Blank Off: -75°C
Condenser Capacity: 260 L
Max Throughput: 180 L/24hr
Condenser Pulldown Time: <10 min

Clean in Place with pneumatic valving: 4 zones
Automatic Drain Valve: Pneumatically Actuated

Shelf System
Max shelf temperature range: -60°C to 65°C
Shelf temperature control range: -55°C to 60°C
Shelf cooling rate from 20°C to -40°C: Appx 40 min
Shelf heating rate: >1°C/min
Shelf quantity: 12 usable, 1 radiant
Shelf temperature uniformity across and between shelves: +/- 1°C
Shelf Clearance: 3.5”
Shelf Dimensions: 36”W x 50”D
Total shelf area: 150 sq. ft.

Vacuum System
Leak rate: <30 mTorr/hr
Evacuation time from ambient to 100 mTorr (dry): <20 min
Ultimate vacuum level: <10 mTorr

51-3/4”W x 62-7/8” H x 83-3/4”D
Vacuum Pumps:
Leybold D65B (3ea)
Carlyle 30hp 2-stage (2ea)
Refrigerant charge:
R507, 30 lb per system


Category: Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

– 72 square feet shelf space
– Hydraulic stoppering
– All stainless steel chamber
– Internal ice condenser
– Single skid
– Upgraded compressors and vacuum pumps
– Upgraded manual controls (automated control at buyer’s option)
– New, high-efficiency heat exchangers
– New heating system
– New expansion tank
– New insulation

Freeze, Cond, Vacuum Manual Shelf Temperature Control -35 to +70 deg C Condenser Temperature < -60 deg C Vacuum System Blank off (empty) 50 mTorr Hydraulics Double-A, Stoppering System Performance Specifications Vacuum System Forepump Leybold RUVAC WS 151 Main Pump Leybold TRIVAC D40B Heat Transfer System Heat Transfer Fluid Lexsol Heater Warren 9KW Circulation Pump March TE-75-MD Condenser Compressor Copeland 20 hp, 2-stage Refrigerant Type R-404A.

Product Specs
Product No. 6572-L1
Model No. 72
Shelf Capacity: 72 square feet
Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
Ice Condenser: Internal
Stoppering: Hydraulic Condenser
Compressor: Copeland 20 hp (interstage)
Shelf Compressor: Copeland 7.5 hp
Orientation: Single skid
Voltage: 460 VAC
Warranty: One Year
Delivery: 6-8 weeks Related products

Flask Lyophilizer

SKU: 25BF-402 Category: Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

The Virtis Sentry 2.0 FM25EL Freezemobile is a large capacity Lyophilizer, also known as a Freeze-Dryer, which is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or sample. It also can make the material more convenient for transport. Lyophilization (Freeze-drying) works by freezing the sample and then reducing the surrounding pressure to all the frozen water in the sample to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. The FM25EL from Virtis condenser refrigeration packages come in -53°, -70° or -85°C to allow a wide variety of solvents. There are multiple types of manifolds offered for the SP Scientific FM25EL including stainless steel and acrylic, tree, or drum. This model has a tree that can be included. In addition, other accessories include heated or unheated shelves with bulk or tray stoppering.

Product Specs
Model No. FM25EL
Doors: One, See-through
Voltage: 208/230V
Capacity: 2cu.ft.

Featured Project

SD County Crime Lab

County project with the City of San DiegoRequirement Design build cold and freezer rooms for evidence storage and labs. Challenge Installing large holding rooms in basement of a 4-story building with roof top mounted equipment. Solution/Accomplishment Successful turnover.

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