Cascade is proud to announce that we have merged with Full Spectrum Group. Through this merger, we are now offering HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS service support. Please contact us for more information.

HPLC Repair Services

HPLC Repair Services for Labs

We know the importance of having your HPLC instrument working properly, so having any issues with it can be a pressing mater.

Here at Cascade we have the solution you need for any sudden problems. Our solutions are designed to make sure your lab’s chromatography instrumentation works as intended.

HPLC Repair Service Contracts


Parts & Labor Inclusions

If your HPLC instrument is critical to your lab’s daily operations, we suggest a contract that includes parts and labor.

Preventive maintenance (PM) is important and a contract can include a mix of parts & labor with preventative maintenance for annual repairs. We can help you onsite within 48 hours of your service request.

HPLC Maintenance (Planned Preventative Maintenance)

Preventive maintenance can help you avoid downtime in the future for any of your instrumentation. We have the flexibility so you can reschedule your planned preventative maintenance services when it’s more convenient for you and your team.

Onsite PM Visits

We have skilled engineers to perfromr your HPLC maitenantce on site. Let us know if you have any issues like noisy baselines or low flow pressures. This can be an opportunity to avoid any future repairs or surprises.

One-Time HPLC Repair Services

You can contact us if you have been experiencing out of the ordinary HPLC issues.

These repairs are usually done onsite to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The first step is to run some diagnostics and once the problem is identified our engineer will order the necessary parts to fix it. Since we are a leading supplier of HPLC parts, we can work faster if we have the instruments in stock.

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Operational Qualification (OQ)

Performance Qualification (PQ)

HPLC Qualification Services

We have the required qualification services to avoid any errors that can lead to dangerous consequences.

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