Cascade is proud to announce that we have merged with Full Spectrum Group. Through this merger, we are now offering HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS service support. Please contact us for more information.

Mass Spectrometer Repair Services

Mass Spectrometer Repair Services for Lab Managers

If you’re having some issues with your GCMS or LCMS, like loss of sensitivity, low signal or even low resolution, troubleshooting this complication can take some considerable time since it’s a complex system. Cascade Thermal Solutions can help you with this problem and keep all of your critical instruments performing at the level you expect.

Ongoing Mass Spectrometer Repair Contracts

Our ongoing lab equipment service contracts come with a 48-hour onsite guarantee, compliant qualification packages, preferential travel & labor rates, flexible payment plans, discounted repair parts and more.

These contracts are a great solution for lab managers that handle operating expenses. Our experienced engineer will be there in two business days whenever you need mass spec repair services.

FSG Service Contracts Can Include Parts & Labor

Expensive replacement parts are a headache and even more when they are not part of your financial plan or annual budget.

Having mass spec repairs in a service contract with us helps you understand the cost of keeping your instruments working as they should and all year-long, that way you can forget about unexpected expenses related to your equipment.

We can negotiate discounts for mass spectrometer repair parts and provide refurbished exchanges, as well as providing you with special pricing for labor and travel costs.

Mass Spectrometer Maintenance (Scheduled PM Visits)

Your preventative maintenance is included in our service contract. Your dedicated account manager will help with your PM schedules. Flexibility is important and we can adapt to your schedule in case your Mass Spectrometer can’t leave rotation or if you need to cancel, we will reschedule when it’s convenient for you and your team.

Mass Spec Qualification Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)

We have certified engineers that can help you with your installation qualification for your new Mass Spectrometer so it can be compliant. Projects require different qualification frequencies and we specialize with highly-regulated industries.

Operational qualification and performance qualification services are available as a one-off purchase or they can be worked into your ongoing service contract for your lab equipment.

Onsite, On-Demand, Billable Mass Spectrometer Repair Services

Since we have a flexible cost structure, labs on a tight budget or startup labs find working with Cascade the right solution for an ongoing service contract.

With our regional service engineers we can offer fast mass spectrometer repair services at your lab. You can create a repair request ticket with us and we’ll be in touch. If you’re new with us it’s easy to get started:

  • Submit your service request
  • A member of our service team will contact you
  • After some screening questions, Cascade will assemble a quote
  • Once the quote is approved, the work order is created
  • The service team will communicate the timeline for the repair
  • An experienced engineer will check-in before arrival

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