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1940s The name “Haskris” comes from the founding partners last names. Mr. Haas and Mr. Kristensen formed Haskris as a contracting business in 1944 doing service and installation of refrigeration equipment. 1950s Mr. Haas is approached by a global electronics manufacturer to design a precision process water chiller to cool the first generation of electron microscopes introduced to North America.

Haskris meets the challenge and the first Haskris chiller is born. 1960s More companies enter the electron microscope industry. Haskris becomes the exclusive supplier to every major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the industry. 1970s Dan Falotico Sr. is hired by Mr. Haas to help manage the growth of the company. In 1972 Dan Falotico becomes the new President and Owner. Mr. Falotico decides to discontinue the contracting side of the business and focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of precision water chillers for the emerging industries of high tech instruments and equipment.

1980s Haskris penetrates a new industry in Analytical X-ray and becomes the exclusive supplier to every major OEM in North America. With over 10,000 systems in operation, Haskris’ reputation for highly engineered products and well developed support systems gains the attention of new industries, including Laser and Semi-Conductor. 1990s Dan Falotico Jr. is hired and becomes President in 1999. Haskris chillers can now be found in virtually every University, Hospital, Medical Lab, Government Facility and Fortune 500 Company where mission critical, high-technology applications are employed.

2000s Haskris enters the MRI industry and establishes a new standard for reliability and support, positioning itself as the premiere supplier as it did in the Electron Microscope and Analytical X-ray industries. To date, Haskris has never lost an OEM client including its first customer from the 1950s; a track record earned through careful attention to detail, strict adherence to its core capability, and a true passion for its work.


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