Cascade is proud to announce that we have merged with Full Spectrum Group. Through this merger, we are now offering HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS service support. Please contact us for more information.


SP Industries, Inc., is a manufacturer of equipment and specialty glassware serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, industrial, and OEM markets under well-known, market leading brand names.

“Serving the Scientific and Life Sciences Communities” Research Freeze Dryers .. Pharmaceutical Lyophilizers .. Chillers .. Centrifugal Concentrators .. NMR and EPR Consumables and Accessories .. Laboratory Glassware and Equipment .. Glassware Washers .. Thermal Management Systems .. Solvent Evaporators .. Sample Coolers .. Microplates .. Automated Loading and Unloading Systems .. Spectroscopy Supplies .. Custom Precision Glassware .. Glassware Repairs


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