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Flask Lyophilizer

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The Virtis Sentry 2.0 FM25EL Freezemobile is a large capacity Lyophilizer, also known as a Freeze-Dryer, which is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or sample. It also can make the material more convenient for transport. Lyophilization (Freeze-drying) works by freezing the sample and then reducing the surrounding pressure to all the frozen water in the sample to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. The FM25EL from Virtis condenser refrigeration packages come in -53°, -70° or -85°C to allow a wide variety of solvents. There are multiple types of manifolds offered for the SP Scientific FM25EL including stainless steel and acrylic, tree, or drum. This model has a tree that can be included. In addition, other accessories include heated or unheated shelves with bulk or tray stoppering.

Product Specs

Model No. FM25EL
Doors: One, See-through
Voltage: 208/230V
Capacity: 2cu.ft.

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