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  • 72 square feet shelf space
  • Hydraulic stoppering
  • All stainless steel chamber
  • Internal ice condenser
  • Single skid
  • Upgraded compressors and vacuum pumps
  • Upgraded manual controls (automated control at buyer’s option)
  • New, high-efficiency heat exchangers
  • New heating system
  • New expansion tank
  • New insulation

Freeze, Cond, Vacuum Manual Shelf Temperature Control -35 to +70 deg C Condenser Temperature < -60 deg C Vacuum System Blank off (empty) 50 mTorr Hydraulics Double-A, Stoppering System Performance Specifications Vacuum System Forepump Leybold RUVAC WS 151 Main Pump Leybold TRIVAC D40B Heat Transfer System Heat Transfer Fluid Lexsol Heater Warren 9KW Circulation Pump March TE-75-MD Condenser Compressor Copeland 20 hp, 2-stage Refrigerant Type R-404A

Product Specs

Product No. 6572-L1
Model No. 72
Shelf Capacity: 72 square feet
Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
Ice Condenser: Internal
Stoppering: Hydraulic
Condenser Compressor: Copeland 20 hp (interstage)
Shelf Compressor: Copeland 7.5 hp
Orientation: Single skid
Voltage: 460 VAC
Warranty: One Year
Delivery: 6-8 weeks

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