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Millrock Quanta

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Condenser Temperature Blank Off: -75°C
Condenser Capacity: 260 L
Max Throughput: 180 L/24hr
Condenser Pulldown Time: <10 min


Clean in Place with pneumatic valving: 4 zones
Automatic Drain Valve: Pneumatically Actuated

Shelf System

Max shelf temperature range: -60°C to 65°C
Shelf temperature control range: -55°C to 60°C
Shelf cooling rate from 20°C to -40°C: Appx 40 min
Shelf heating rate: >1°C/min
Shelf quantity: 12 usable, 1 radiant
Shelf temperature uniformity across and between shelves: +/- 1°C
Shelf Clearance: 3.5”
Shelf Dimensions: 36”W x 50”D
Total shelf area: 150 sq. ft.

Vacuum System

Leak rate: <30 mTorr/hr
Evacuation time from ambient to 100 mTorr (dry): <20 min
Ultimate vacuum level: <10 mTorr


Dimensions: 51-3/4”W x 62-7/8” H x 83-3/4”D
Vacuum Pumps: Leybold D65B (3ea)
Compressors: Carlyle 30hp 2-stage (2ea)
Refrigerant charge: R507, 30 lb per system

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