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Panasonic Laboratory Refrigerator

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Panasonic MPR Series laboratory refrigerators offer a stable and reliable environment for carrying out clinical, pharmaceutical, and industrial research at uniform temperatures.

  • Stable and reliable.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Flexible temperature range.

A user-friendly design and flexible temperature range allow for applications in various laboratory procedures including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage. The cycle defrost and evaporator temperature sensor system ensures that defrost occurs automatically and only when necessary, so there is no need to turn off the power for defrosting. Temperature rise during defrosting is minimal with no temperature spikes.

The evaporation heater also doubles as protection against drops in cabinet temperature caused by a low ambient temperature. For further accuracy and uniformity of temperature, the refrigerators feature alarms and flashing indicator LED to warn of high and low-temperature conditions. With a temperature range of 2 to 23 C (adjustable in 1 C increments), MPR Series refrigerators are suited for reagents and biologicals that require a stable, cool temperature or general cold storage environment.

Unaffected by adverse ambient temperature, the Panasonics temperature control system, with a microprocessor, maintains the temperature at the set level. These refrigerators feature powerful, hermetically sealed compressors that ensure superior pull-down characteristics, energy efficiency, and precise temperature control for frequent door openings.

To ensure uniformity, the double 4.7″ diameter fans create a double flow system to even out temperatures throughout the cabinet, so heat spots from a powered test apparatus are minimized while recovery characteristics (after door openings) remain outstanding.

Product Specs

Model No. MPR-721R-PA
Doors: One-Door, Solid, See-through Glass
Temperature: +4C
Voltage: 115V
Capacity: 24cu.ft

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