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Revco Ultralow Upright

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Programmable microprocessor control patented refrigeration system, and state-of-the-art electronics ensure the highest level of sample protection. Revco freezers feature up to 20% more heat removal capacity, 15% less power consumption, and 15% less heat emission than comparable ultra-low temperature freezers.

Precise temperature control from -50° to -86°C, adjustable in 1°C increment Door-mounted, eye-level control panel with easy-to-read LED display and touchpad data entry

Monitoring and Alarm Systems On-board diagnostics continuously monitor sensors to ensure proper performance Control Setpoint sets cabinet temperature, Cabinet Temperature displays the temperature Automatic Incident Monitor (AIM) identifies temperature deviation due to power or temperature failure Time Delay feature delays restart after power failure Voltage Buck/Boost corrects line voltage into the unit Low Voltage Surge Protection minimizes voltage spikes Life-Guard Alert monitors compressor performance, automatically adjusts to internal and external conditions Clean Filter, Alarm Battery Low and Voltage indicators Battery backup supplies control panel in case of power failure Key-operated main power and alarm switch locks temperature and alarm setpoints Audible/visual power and temperature failure alarms automatically activate during a temperature deviation Extreme Ambient Alert warns if room temperature may affect performance Alarm Test simulates temperature alarm condition Alarm Reset mutes audible alarm and resets AIM Remote alarm contacts for external alarm/monitoring system

Construction High-strength steel cabinet with corrosion-resistant coating Minimum 5 in. (12.7cm) CFC-free, foamed-in-place urethane insulation (outer door: minimum 3.5 in. [89mm])

Product Specs

Product ID: 8625AU1M-706
Serial No. ULT2586-9-A36
Door: One, solid
Capacity: 25 cu.ft.
Temperature: -86C
Voltage: 115V

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